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who we are ?

Partisan Hour Investment is an Investment service company. We are offering investors a secure environment to earn from Cryptocurrency and Forex market. We are offering stable and calculative investment plans to ensure optimal profit to our investors capital. Our company has already established its positive reputation in the UK, where Partisan Hour Investment has passed the required registration process and received a permission to conduct financing activities around the world.

We are inviting you to become a part of our successful business and start earning stable return on your investments.

The history of Partisan Hour Investment began formulating its rapid and extensive development of the Cryptocurrency market to match the ever expanding investment goals of investors all around the world. Our financial management team has experience over 10 years in Forex trading and sufficient knowledge about Crypto market and arbitrage trading. After years of successful trading and profit generation, our experts formulated the company in year 2014 in UK for local operation and company incorporated in year 2018 for Global operation. Now the official website is open for all international investors who want to join our company as an investor or affiliate and can take advantage of its successful trading strategy only by investing their fund.

We offer safest environment to our investors which obtained by our own capital management strategy. We invest mainly in crypto currency arbitrage trading and mining. In our trading strategy 60% of capitals are assigned to generate profit from crypto market and rest 40% are assigned to Forex trading. As we allocate the investors investment in different trading segments, it ensures the most stable & guaranteed return on investors capital and made us confident on our trading strategy.

Our 10 years of experience in this industry made the arbitrage trading most successful one and also for stable return we have already established mining datacenter in UK for Bitcoin mining which is much profitable one and also expanding new datacenters and upgrading hardware day by day to improve our mining capacity and it will increase profit ratio proportionately.

By joining our company an investor can get financial freedom & also we have affiliate program for the users who dont have sufficient fund to invest. As an affiliate one can refer investors and can earn 3% commission from their referral investment.

The developers working with our team are indeed one of a kind, whose vision to create a unique investment system, which is feasible for everyone. Also, you can be fully guaranteed the security and surveillance of all kinds as we ensure that no one will access your data without consent. We monitor all trends at the cryptocurrency market and guarantee you a stable accrual on an ongoing basis.


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